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Ian Cooke Images

I became interested in photography over 20 years ago, while I was at college studying to be a printer I was shown how large format cameras were used in the printing reproduction industry and I was hooked. I purchased a very basic Praktica SLR Camera that had manual exposure controls and focusing and after reading various books and magazines I started to learn the different aspects of photography. After a few years I moved onto a more advanced Canon SLR Camera which had Auto-focus and automatic exposure modes.
8 years ago I turned to a Digital Canon Camera which has totally changed the way I do things, no longer do I have to worry about if the exposure was correct or the composition was right because I can see straight away by looking at the screen. Also digital has given me the confidence to experiment with various ideas and subjects that I wouldn't normally photograph because you can review the results instantly and see if things have worked or not.

You can contact me at: icooke73@sky.com